Monday, June 16, 2008

Doin' the Limbo, man...

I've been depressed and not wanting to write at all. It's due to a lack of any action happening on the homefront.
It's like being dressed up and no where to go. The house sits vacant, clean, ready to be filled with a family. We sit in our travel trailer in the back. Give us a sign! We'll be out the gates and gone!
When we put the house up for rent 4 weeks ago, it looked pretty good. Not many rentals in our price, we had lots of extras thrown in. Today, the rental market is swamped! Where did they all come from?
It seems that whenever I make a decision to do something, everyone else has the great idea, too. When I was thinking of selling the house... guess what? The market dropped overnight. This seems to have happened all my life.
I just want to get on the road and moved!

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

three word wednesday ~ short and sweet


The key for change is to dizzy oneself so the world spins like a top. Then throw your dart.
Guaranteed, it will change your life!

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

3WW make ups

I missed the last two weeks and I want to be able to keep up with this. Call it a way to bring regularity to a life that is completely desheveled by circumstances.

June 4, 2009

A quick smile passed over her face.
She was remembering his touch. The way his fingers felt on her skin, the way he looked into her eyes and into her soul. She couldn’t deny the attraction. It was there.
She wasn’t ready for a relationship yet.
The thought of committing to another was uncomfortable.
She wasn’t ready, but he was.
Was this sudden opportunity for love going to falter so quickly because of her insecurities?

May 28, 2008

The boy was facing a real crisis for the first time in his 12 years. What he wanted to do was not illegal, but what was happening in front of him was not right. He knew that deep in his gut. Yet, he knew he needed to try.
He was no match in size for the task at hand, but again, he knew he needed to try.
His eyes blurred with tears as he took tentative steps forward. “You can’t cry, you can’t show weakness,” he kept saying to himself. “What will dad think? Mom? My friends?”
He drew himself up to his full height, threw his chest out and waded into the fray in front of him. He bellowed as loud as he could, “what are you doing to my friends?”
Everything froze in time in front of him. All eyes stopped, all attention was directed to him. He wished with all his being that he could just disappear, he couldn’t and he didn’t. He took his first step torward adulthood at that moment.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008


I shouldn't feel guilty for not paying attention to my blog, but I do.
I find myself feeling guilty about a lot of things I really shouldn't. But I'm the one who always believes I can do it better, be better, be nurturing, etc, etc, and all that other schmalz.
Transistion is not going well at this time, we are in a holding pattern. We live no where, we're just waiting for all things legal to gel. They will, but I'm impatient.
Somehow I also feel it's all my fault. There's that guilt again....

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

This was something passed along to me by my Rotary pals. It came from Hays, Kansas. It is completely a middle America opinion. But if you look closer, I would bet that most conservatives would agree with what he is saying.
Go to
The writer, Will Manly makes sense to me. How about you?

Monday, May 26, 2008

Life in the stalled lane

Ouch! How I hate delay's.
We were supposed to have our bags packed and be moving to middle America today.
And, we've been delayed. There are several reasons, all good ones, but it doesn't make the waiting any better.
I just learned that one of my newspaper mates has taken on a new job in South Dakota, Souix Falls to be exact. I am very happy for him. He will be leaving a huge number of people that call him friend, he will be moving to a place where his circle of friends will just grow more.
Through the "blogwork" he will be able to maintain past friendships and ever increase the new ones.
I am sorry about the newspaper he is leaving. It was once a fine paper. I worked there for more than 27 years. When I first started out taking classified ads by phone, the nick-name was "Wretched Flashlight." Oh my, that didn't bode well. But the people who worked there had character and heart and stick-to-itivness. Even though the town may have had names for the newspaper, it respected the people who worked there. Even though I knew I would get harrassed for saying where I worked, others respected me for working with the newspaper industry.
As time went by, I, along with a large group of caring, dedicated people saw the newspaper lose it's negative names and was looked at as a real source of news and diverse opinion. This did not happen in just a couple of years, it happened over 10 to 15 years.
Today's Record Searchlight is a shadow of its former self. It happened in less than two years.
I moan over the writing gaffs, I wail over the lost jumps from one page to another, I even rail about the stories that have been cut in mid-sentence to make the story fit. The loss in advertising creativity is a whole other story.
But it's the loss of the people that make me the most sad. It started with a few lay-offs, then one huge buy-out offered to many employees. Most of them took the buy-out, they could see the winds of change. This left huge holes in many different departments. Then as the winds changed to a storm, more people just left, off to different life avenues.
What is left now? A newspaper with no real sense of history for it's own coverage area. A youthful group of wanna-be's that are playing at newspapering. The people who can't leave are trying valiantly to cope with so many of these changes that don't make sense to them, but they need to remain loyal.
Change is good if it's done with purpose, but change just for the sake of something that looks different and might attract people because it's been "dumbed-down" is not for the better of our community.
The hard stories and facts need to be told. Commerce continues through the town due to the quality of advertising. Each piece of a newspaper adds to the information pipeline that goes directly to it's readers. That's the newspaper's job.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Have you heard of 3 Word Wednesday?

This is a magical concept. A blogger from throws out three apparently unrelated words and challenges the world to put them into some type of form that makes sense.
I thought, "I can do that!"
So, here is my first attempt at this type of creative writing. I'll try to keep this up and have it posted by Thursday morns. I've added a link on the right to any who are curious.
This weeks words are:
* Delayed
* Edge
* Focus
I have been delayed from the path I would like to take. My purpose seems to have lost it’s focus. But life has a habit of throwing you unexpected curve balls. Startlingly, suddenly, it all snaps back; your purpose, your goals, your soul.
You can see the edge of the world quite sharply, and that’s OK.